Why tell your friends and family? What is in it for you?

Why do we work by referral?

  • We choose to work with the best clients.
  • We get to go deep, rather than wide.
  • It is about trust - if they come through someone they trust, they'll trust us.
  • We get to spend time with people who already hired us, rather than looking for our next client like most realtors do.

Where do we work by referral?

We have a TEAM now!

  • We cover most of Chicagoland
  • We have a nationwide network of excellent agents who work as we do! So, we can help you just about anywhere.

When should you refer us?

As SOON as you hear that someone you know is thinking about moving!

How should you refer us?

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone call

What is in it for you? We will EARN your referral! Every time. We will make you look like a rockstar!

Also...you'll get to be on our VIP club, you'll get to get to our parties, get presents, pies at Thanksgiving. YUM!

Naperville stats:

Days on market: 10 (= time between when house goes on the market and when it goes under contract)

List to Sale Price: 99.2% - We get 99.2% of list price when we list a house

% of listings sold: 100% of all houses we listed


Call or shoot us a text:

Ruth Sheahan | Ruth@RuthSheahan.com | 630-673-7704

Danielle Tully | Daniellemtully@yahoo.com | 630-270-6783

Tim Berglind | Tim@RuthSheahan.com | 630-687-7704