Home Warranty


What's a home warranty? Should you have one? Well, in my opinion, you should. A home warranty is basically a small insurance policy that covers things like appliances, mechanicals, some systems. Different companies cover different things. They have different premium amounts, they have different deductibles, so it's not free typically, and you might not always get that item replaced. It might be a repair. But it is a little bit of insurance when you buy a new house or a new to you house that you won't have a major expense in one of those areas in the first year. It's about $600, $650. We sometimes ask sellers to provide it. They can say yes or no, and in certain cases, like if you're in a multiple offer situation, we would not ask, but if the seller won't provide it, I do suggest you look into getting one on your own, because if there's one thing I can guarantee, no matter how thorough your inspection, no matter how well the previous owner took care of the house, something is going to break and it's probably going to happen shortly after you move in.