Buyer Designated Agency Disclosure


This Disclosure of Buyer Designated Agent is required by the State of Illinois. If you haven't signed it yet, we will send you a copy by Digisign to sign. If you've signed it already, you can ignore this video.

Basically it talks about disclosing our agency, which means who we work for. An agency in Illinois is equal to confidentiality, so as your agent, we need to hold your information confidential. We cannot share that with anyone else and not everyone in our firm is your agent. Just us. We can work for other buyers and sellers. We will not share your information with them or theirs with you.

You have not entered into an exclusive representation agreement with another agent. If you have, we have to wait until that's severed before we can move forward. But once we discuss this with you, then we must hold your confidential information confidential, and we have a fiduciary duty to you. So we always have to do what's in your best interest. If you haven't signed this yet, we'll send you a copy, by Digisign and we'll be all set.